Kinesiology Tape | what is that?

Our body is a wonderful construct and capable of incredible things. Many competitive athletes, pregnant women and other everyday heroes prove again and again that it is possible to grow beyond physical limits and achieve real brilliant performances. However, injuries, malpositions and muscular imbalances can mean that our body needs support (often only temporarily).
That's where our kinesiology tapes come into play! Our philosophy is "less is more" - no heavy bandages, orthotics or casts. Instead: Kinesiotape in premium quality!
We want you to feel your body when training and not our tapes. The tape can be used to simulate and activate the body's own healing process. Maximum stability, relief, support, self-confidence. And all this without any restrictions on movement - swimming, sauna, hiking, jogging, yoga... no problem with our artificial silk kinesio tapes.

What is taping good for?

  • Pain reduction by activating the endogenous analytical system
  • Improvement of muscular tension by influencing muscle tone/muscle tension
  • Accelerated recovery of physical performance after physical exertion by stimulating lymph flow and blood circulation
  • Support of joint function through slight mechanical stabilization
  • Increase in the performance values ​​of muscle groups and muscle function
  • Improving movement control by amplifying proprioceptive information sent to the central nervous system.

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