Superior performance

Superior performance - yes, we know, "superior" doesn't exactly sound like virtuous modesty, but rather like overconfidence, arrogance and boasting. And who likes self-promotional braggarts? However, we are so confident in the power of our kinesiology tapes (and admittedly 100% subjective) that we thought why not use a bold word? 😊 We hope you look at this somewhat megalomaniac comment, just try our kinesiology tapes and convince yourself of their quality.

High-performance material mix & more elasticity

Developed for extreme conditions. The combination of 94% hard-wearing artificial silk and 6% elastane (with maximum elasticity of up to 190%) means that our kinesiology tapes fit perfectly and you can enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

Waterproof & quick-drying

You can easily swim, shower or bathe with our premium tapes. The artificial silk we use is waterproof, permeable to air and moisture and therefore dries surprisingly quickly - especially compared to conventional cotton tapes. Of course, all of this also applies if you simply “perspire” heavily.

Skin-friendly, sensitive & yet long-lasting

We have invested a lot of time and testing in the development of our adhesive. All with the aim of developing a skin-friendly and sensitive adhesive that does not cause skin irritation and still adheres strongly - so that you can use your tape for a long time. We're proud of the result: a safe, hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive that sticks for up to 10 days. Our "Diamond Helix" kinesiology tape is particularly sensitive here, as we have even dispensed with printing and flat coloring here. This makes it particularly well tolerated by allergy sufferers and children.

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