The environment for love

We want to contribute to a world that offers a future worth living for everyone. For us, this means appreciating and protecting our environment, consuming and producing responsibly.
For us, this means that we follow the guiding principle privately and professionally:
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

In a nutshell:
  • Our guiding principle: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – wherever possible.
  • Our tapes - made from environmentally friendly artificial silk using natural raw materials and waste products
  • Our packaging - no plastic, cardboard made from 100% recycled waste paper
  • Our production and administration - 100% green electricity in the entire production and operating process, no paper wherever possible, use of recycled paper if necessary

REUSE & RECYCLE: Our tapes - use of natural raw materials and waste products

We only use natural raw materials to manufacture our kinesiology tapes. The threads of our tapes are made from plant materials such as bark, leaves and agricultural waste products such as wood chips. The resulting regenerated cellulose fiber is called artificial silk (rayon). Since this creates a thread that does not naturally exist in nature, we speak of a "synthetic" fibre. Of course, this fiber is completely recyclable.

Our rayon fibers have the same feel and texture as natural fibers like silk, wool, cotton and linen, while being kind to the environment.

REDUCE & RECYCLE: Our packaging - no plastic

More than 8 million tons of plastic waste. That's not the total amount of plastic waste in our oceans. This is the amount that is added annually . We find this thought not only unimaginable, but at the same time unbearable. We would therefore like to do our part to reduce plastic waste and - wherever possible - eliminate it. Our packaging therefore completely dispenses with plastic and consists of recycled cardboard boxes. While that means our packaging doesn't have the shine and luster that others offer, we believe this is the right way to help preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come. Without question: only a small contribution - but a contribution.

REDUCE & RECYCLE: Our production & administration - ecological wherever possible

Sustainability starts with the little things. Do I have to print this out? Can I leave the car and walk or bike instead? How can I reduce emissions and support the use of renewable energy sources by choosing my energy provider?

Sustainability is at the core of what we do and is therefore not just part of Stützpunkt Premiumtapes®, but part of our entire value chain. We strive to recycle and upcycle as much as possible in all production and distribution processes. For example, without exception, we use green electricity (from 100% German water and wind power) from TÜV-certified providers in our production and administration processes. The principle of sustainability also applies to our use of paper: whenever we have to print something out, we exclusively use recycled paper to conduct our business.
Shipping without packaging is (still) utopian. However, we strive to make our shipping as sustainable as possible: Base Premiumtapes only uses packaging boxes made from 100% waste paper. Our kinesio tapes are also packaged completely without plastic.
To protect our beautiful environment, we have also decided against enclosing instructions and instructions for use with our kinesiology tapes in paper form. In our experience, the leaflet, the provisional instructions or other tips for the product often end up unread in the drawer or directly in the wastepaper basket. That's why you can only find our tape instructions and instructions for use online - on our website. Are you curious? Click here for our taping - tips & tricks.

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Rainer Höhnle

Nicht nur als Referent und Ausbilder, sondern gerade als Familienvater von 3 Kindern bin ich sehr an nachhaltigen und Zukunft sichernden Projekten interessiert. Daher unterstreiche ich eure Ambitionen und bin gerne bereit in meinen Unterrichten und meinen Privatpraxen weiter zu empfehlen. Denn gerade die kleinen Beiträge die man leisten kann um eine saubere und nachhaltige Zukunft zu sichern zeigen dass JEDER etwas dazu beitragen kann.. Liebe Grüße Rainer

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